Modern Infrastructure

Automated productivity and Resilient build

A scalable, optimized and an intelligent hybrid infrastructure is an essential support system for all Cloud native programs. Our infrastructure services include Compute, Network and Security for Data center and Public clouds. Additionally our platform and automation library framework with a compilation of over 100+ reusable blueprints has helped organizations transform manual process to an automated and on-demand infrastructure. Do partner with us to achieve that end state and maximize ROI and TCO of your IT investments.

Modern Infrastructure that Enables:

Agility and scalability
Next Generation Software Delivery
Rapid Application Developments
Seamless Multi Cloud Adoption
Auto Healing Container Ecosystem
Monolithic to Microservices Transformation
Automated Deployment and Rollbacks
Governance and Compliance Policy Orchestration.
Shift Left of Software Development Security
Infra For Cloud Native
We build container and Kubernetes infrastructure that is modern, scalable software defined and powered by infra as code principles across VMware, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform(GCP) clouds.

Our team of experts will consult, design, implement and support the Tanru, Rancher, AKS, EKS, GKE and K8S technologies.

Adopt Kubernetes can leverage our services for a smooth Kubernetes adoption and onboarding. you can leverage over 50 of our best practices and expert advisory framework that spans a design to implementation solution related to Kubernetes. The framework comes bundled with actionable deliverables include design architecture and implementation plan to secure, automate, and provision production-ready workloads:
Architecture Design
Cluster Deployment and Configuration
Application Deployment and Orchestration
Monitoring and Logging
Kubernetes Day 2 operations
Infrastructure Automation
Automated provisioning and configuration
Infrastructure as code
Orchestrated workflows
Public Cloud
Standardisation and Automation
Enterprise Cloud Operating Model
Hybrid CLoud (AVS, VMC on AWS)
Operations and Observability
Assessment and Migration
DC Infrastructure
Private cloud VMware vCloud Foundation (SDDC)
Aria Automation ABX, Workflow, Blueprints
vCloud Director (Service Provider Cloud)
Upgrades and Migration Services
Digital Workspace Solutions (VMware Workspace One / Citrix / Azure)
Integration of Ansible and Terraform
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