Delivering cloud native excellence and measurable outcomes

The offering is a services powered by high value differentiators architecture blueprint, best practices and reusable configurations. Every offering is driven by the standard consulting to implementation path depending on the requirements and maturity level you have.


Every services, solution and product implementation is more often than not preceded by a consulting and assessment of Current State, gaps and ToBe state

Design & implementation

Drive professional services through the design and implementation framework


Enable continuous efficiencies, improvement sand optimization through T&M and Managed Services operating models


A next gen cloud native framework to drive application modernization, scalable infrastructure and secure integrations. HUCO enables cloud native transformation across hybrid clouds through a exclusive set of frameworks, best practices and reusable automation blueprints and powered by expert architects and engineers.

Transformation Drivers
Agile collaboration
DevSecOps ways of working
Cloud first policy
Microservices transformation
Software defined infrastructure.

Key Innovations metrics

Fault isolation
Integration times
Deployment frequency
Lead time for changes

Benefits of Cnatively

Extremely Flexible solution for Cloud Native Managed Services
Build a multi -cluster kubernetes ecosystem in 2 weeks
Build, Test, Secure and Deploy a Microservices app in 7 minutes.
Leverage over 100+ Charts and 200+ Reusable pipelines for faster and scalable Cloud native delivery.

MIG2Cloud (MIG23)

A framework of best practices, standards and tools to drive monolithic apps towards the inevitable hybrid cloud adoption. Whether it is containerization of apps, modernization of infrastructure or transformation to microservices/serverless on the cloud using Agile devsecops ways of working, Huco will help you migrate to cloud effortlessly.

Transformation Drivers
Migration tool
12 Factor App
DevSecOps on Cloud
Container migration tool

Key Innovations metrics

Software vs hardware defined costs
Operational incidents
Migration costs
Resource Optimization
Performance meter
Scalability rating
Security rating

Benefits of MIG2Cloud

Extremely Flexible solution for Cloud Native Managed Services
Classifies App workloads for App modernization depending on the modernization types ( DevOps, Microservices, Serverless, Software defined Everything) -This phase reduces technical debt and implementation roadblocks by potentially over 70%
Enable cloud landing zone and infra security ecosystem for migration to public cloud within 12-14 weeks of the design.


A comprehensive application modernization framework that powers digital transformation through app modernization, devsecops and software defined everything.

HUCO addresses application modernization enhancing the developer experience through app transformation, best practices and blue print standardization techniques

Transformation Drivers
12 Factor App
Cloud native tools
Microservices transformation
API Standards

Key Innovations metrics

Release frequency
Cost of building and deploying apps
Bug vs Lines of code ration
Operational efficiency
Business agility
Vulnerability / Risk detection stage
Microservices conversion score

Benefits of InnovApp

InnovApp enables App modernization at exponential scale.
Classifies App workloads for App modernization depending on the modernization types ( DevOps, Microservices, Serverless, Software defined Everything) -This phase reduces technical debt and implementation roadblocks by potentially over 70%
Defines a standard and orchestrated process through methods such as 12-factror, R-Lane and SNAP analysis - Reduces the time to App modernization by potentially over 50%

DevXGarage (DevX7)

A single pane of glass DevXOps framework around a seamless design, implementation, multi tool integration, shift left security and orchestrated blueprints for all your CI/CD and infrastructure as code.

The DevOps research and assessment (DORA) team has identifies four metrics that measure DevOps performance. Using these metrics helps improve DevOps efficiency and communicate performance to business stakeholders, which can accelerate business results.

Transformation Drivers
Change mindset now
Automation first
Collaboration always
Orchestration everywhere
NoOps AI

Key Innovations metrics

Deployment frequency
Lead time for changes
Defect Escape rate
Change failure rate
App and Infra availability
Time to restore services
Performance meter
Change volumes
Security score

Benefits of DevXGarage

A framework that ignites mindset, process and technology innovation changes
Reduce change failure rate anything between 0 to 5%.
Improve bug detection time to as early as Day1 of development cycle.
Build and integrate DevSecOps tool stack in anything between 4-12 week

Z+ Security (Z+ Sec)

Secure your application and infrastructure environments through shift left , automated and AI enabled analytics. Huco has years of consulting, design, implementation and support experience in legacy and cloud native security.

Transformation Drivers
Shift Left Security
Zero trust controls
Encryption at rest and transit
Security as code
Predictive Security Analytics

Key Innovations metrics

Organizational security rating
Pre-Go Live and Post GoLive security score
Application security score
Open security ingress and egress points
Security Defect Escape rate
Recovery times.

Benefits of Z+ Security

Your search for shift left , versatile and defense in depth security ends here.
Design a scalable and future state security architecture for the cloud native end state.
Enable orchestrated and automated configuration of security controls to reduce adoption time by more than 60%
A single pane of glass dashboard to identify security issues and vulnerabilities faster than the legacy approach

Infrastructure as code

Activate infrastructure on demand for business app deployment, upgrade and scale through drivers like infra as code, software defined configurations and reusable automation blueprints

Whether you are starting with manual/greenfield infrastructure deployments or in the process integrating infra as code with devops pipellines, Please reach out to us to help you create an single pane of glass blueprint driven platform.

Transformation Drivers
Infra as code
Configuration security
CI/CD pipelines for Infra
Reusable blueprints
Software defined & Immutable infrastructure

Key Innovations metrics

Time to provision
Time to configure
Deployment issue count
Trust score
Integration complexity rating

Benefits of Infrastructure as code

Orchestrated and automated provisioning, configuration and upgrades
Provision infrastructure in minutes
Reuse template configurations with minimalist changes across environments
Enable pipeline based approach for infra provisioning/configuration and reduce app deployment time by over 90%
Reduce the Kubernetes and container adoption and onboarding by 75% through our advisory services
Swift and Secure Kubernetes adoption and onboarding by leveraging over 50 of our best practices and expert advisory framework.
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