Agile DevSecOps

A single pane of glass service for build, test and deployment of apps and infrastructure

An overarching DevSecOps program is key to a successful Cloud native end state. A plethora of technology tools, complex integrations and organizational processes needs a thorough assessment, crafted design, robust implementation and a continuous improvement and optimization approach.

We develop fast collaborative and efficient ways of product development. Our team of well trained professionals can coach, architect and implement:
Agile Scum and Kanban methodologies
Scalable agile ways of working (Safe)
Tools to enable the agile methodologies
Integrated with the CI/CD and DevSecOps ecosystem
Drive KPIs, Reporting and Value stream analytics across
Collaborated development life cycles
Release Orchestration
We have an enterprising combination of professionals, platform and frameworks to create a single pane of glass orchestrator delivering:
Release strategies - Blue green, Canary, Rolling, A/B
Reusable Blueprints and Pipelines
Gated approvals
Continuous release deployments
Depending on which state of CI/CD adoption you are in, Huco can enable green field implementation, reuse pipeline blueprints or/and integration of CI/CD stack with other automation domains like testing. Gated approvals and AIOPs.

DevOps Com application and infrastructure modernization programs by ensuring a faster build, test and deployment Of modern apps, Embracing DevOps practices is key to maximizing the benefits Of enhanced developer.

Our team Of devops practitioners will help enable:
Continuous build. test, secure and deployment pipelines
Integration with release orchestration. Infra as code, Agile collaborations
Monitoring and management of CI/CD tool stack
Infrastructure as Code
We will assist you in moving from manual to automated infra structure provisioning , configuration all day2 operations.

Some key infrastructure outcomes we drive are:
Git as a single source of truth
A vast media library of reusable automated scripts, templates and playbooks
One touch deployments
Integration with the CI/CD tools can enable governance and devsecops ways of working for infrastructure
Collaborated development life cycles

The infinity diagram represents Huco’s approach towards creating an Agile, Secure and Governance enabled DevSecOps end state.

Huco DevSecOps services has the potential to deployment velocity of over 100 times a day, secure your apps by 5X and improve quality of the release process by over 50% depending on your devops adoption maturity index.

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