AI for Dev & Ops

Activating Intelligence in your Technology build and operations

With the advent of Digital transformation and its convergent dependency on Cloud Native deployments and automated operations , Software delivery and GTM has become very complex and time consuming. AI platforms and its frameworks have become the inevitable and non-negotiable partners in simplifying operations and fastening delivery. Our AI experts with certified platform partners can drive adoption, innovation, and efficiencies across IT for you.

Cloud & Cloud Native
We have the expertise extend AI capabilities into your cloud, serverless and microservices ecosystem to swiftly design, build and deploy for exponential reduction in onboarding, provisioning and configuration times underlined by enhanced security, quality and availability of service.
Security & Compliance
In a world driven by innovative but increasingly complex security architectures and deployments, finding skilled resources and delivering security/compliance projects on time and with quality has become a mounting challenge. Activating AI to automatically analyse and detect risk, threats and vulnerabilities followed by ML code generation for remediation.
Agile DevSecOps, Managed Services & SRE
Drive seamless Cloud native DevSecOps adoption through our powerful Generative AI powered capabilities for new microservices pipeline creation, conversion from legacy and pipeline management across Hybrid cloud native work loads. The otherwise cumbersome process of pipeline conversion from legacy to cloud native can be simplified and fastened with Large Language Models, ChatOps and prompt engineering algorithms.

We activate AI co-pilot services to help you build, operate, monitor, manage and optimize your IT. Leveraging our AI powered platforms, best practices and frameworks you can derive actionable intelligence to monitor, detect and fix CI/CD, availability, performance, security, scalability, resilience and reliability issues in your system.
Data Center
AI powered data centers enable ML and AI to predictably analyse vast amounts of data and take optimized decisions towards improving operational efficiency and reduce costs. We have years of experience building and managing data centers and our skilled team of experts can help reducing outages and enhanced security, availability and performances of your applications and infrastructure.
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