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A single pane of glass orchestration platform for Agile DevSecOps

GitLab Inc. is a software company that provides an AI Powered DevSecOps platfrom with features including Agile development, Single source of code and artifact truth ,CI/CD, Security and monitoring in a single pane of glass. Established in 2014, the company continues to drive software delivery with automation, innovation and extensive 3rd party integration.


GitLab flow and Branching strategy services

Bringing the right and precise git strategy to your sdlc doorstep.

GitLab CI/CD

A seamless onboarding and integrated build, test and deploy experience for for the software community.

Shift left security

Driving Security enabled design, Shift left vulnerability detection and continuous risk monitoring and management for you through SAST, DAST and SCA modules.

Monitoring and Management integrations

Get comprehensive visibility into your build pipelines through Prometheus, Sentry and Jaeger integrations

iDoc support services

Drive continuous operational efficiencies with our iDoc framework

WHY choose us


Leverage our consulting, prescriptive or advisory services for current and future state DevSecOps assessments.

Design & Implement

Integrated architecture deployments for a release orchestrated agile devsecops end state.


Bringing the best of DevSecOps and SRE policies/practices/frameworks to you.

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