Cloud Build and Migration

Making your business instant, secure and economical

The journey to private or public cloud has become the de facto standard for hosting the digital apps and its ecosystem. However an organization's approach to addressing cost, security and integration challenges it can bring along can determine the success factor of any cloud computing program.

We can drive an comprehensive multi cloud portfolio or enable ala carte programs for you:

Cloud migration assessment
Landing zone
Cloud compute, network and security implementation
Enabling cloudops and finops model
Agile DevSecOps ways of working
Cloud security and monitoring integrations
Strategy and Roadmap
We begin by understanding your unique business needs and goals. Our experts work closely with you to develop a customized cloud strategy and roadmap tailored to your organization. We analyze your existing infrastructure, applications, and workflows to identify opportunities for cloud adoption and optimization.
Migration and Deployment
Our team guides you through a smooth and efficient cloud migration process. We assess your applications and infrastructure to determine the best approach, whether it's rehosting, rearchitecting, or rebuilding. We handle the entire migration process, ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing the benefits of the cloud.
Infrastructure Design and Optimization
We help you design scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure that aligns with your workload requirements. Whether you're leveraging public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions, our experts ensure your infrastructure is optimized for performance, security, and cost-efficiency. We leverage best practices and industry-leading technologies to maximize the value of your cloud investments.
Security and Compliance
Security is a top priority in the cloud. Our professionals implement robust security measures to protect your data and applications. We help you establish secure access controls, encryption mechanisms, and implement monitoring and logging solutions to detect and respond to potential threats. We also ensure compliance with industry regulations, helping you navigate the complex landscape of cloud security and governance.
CloudOps & FinOps
We support cloud operations across the availability, security, monitoring, cost optimization, resilience through our:
OEM partnerships
Best practices
KPl definitions
SLA/SLO constructs
Cross Skilled Talent pool
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