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Driving secure and governed software supply chain management.

Based in California, Israel and France and founded by longtime field-experts, JFrog is the creator of Artifactory and Bintray; the company that provided the market with the first Binary Repository solution and software distribution social platform. Through its flagship product Artifactory, JFrog has changed the way developers and DevOps team store and manage binary code, allowing for complete control over the full software release flow.


Jfrog Artifactory deployment services

25+ build packages, 10+ DevOps integrations and experienced talent pool.

Jfrog Xray deployment services

Switch on the Defence, remediation and governance controls for your software supply chain.

WHY choose us

Design & Implement

Automating and Managing the binary and artifact repository across your enterprise.

Software supply chain management.

Version control and orchestrated management of build executables, containers and Helm charts

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