Most seamless migration to cloud
Enhanced compute and I/O performance
Extend security controls without disruption
Problem Statement: Business and Technology

Customer in their vision to go Digital on all banking services had a time bound requirement to find a new platform to run new applications and their current datacentre (which runs on VMware) was not able to accommodate that. They evaluated multiple cloud and on-premise offerings for cost , time to market , performance and security. Build state-of-the-art Software-Defined hybrid infrastructure solutions to cater to dynamically expanding IT landscape, improved resilience and auto scalability without having to refactor/rearchitect after moving to cloud.

The Solution​
5-Minute RPO

Improved the organization’s resiliency with VMware Site Recovery and replicated data in case of disaster event

70% cost reduction

Saved hardware replacement costs after migrating workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS.

12 week time save

For Onboarding apps and security controls in comparison to native cloud migration.

  • The unanimous choice was VMC on AWS for its Hybrid cloud,least disruptive, cost effective and seamless transition solution capabilities.HUCO was chosen to provide end-to-end implementation including assessment, design, delivery, validation, and support.
  • The promise of Application modernization, cost reductions, minimal disruption during transition, increased availability and performance, seamless replication of security controls was achieved  using best practices centered around migration, automation , disaster recovery and cost optimization.Huco drove the project with detailed design, meticulous implementation planning and evalution of current workloads, their dependencies, sizing and utilization reports.
  • This approach ensured there were minimal risks, unforeseen issues and minimal downtimes.Since there wasn’t a lot going to to change between the source and target environment – Both of them being fundamentally vmware and SDDC. The key implementation directives were centered around the type of migration – cold, warm , live migration and the likes depending on the downtime and criticality of the application.The final outcome was a smooth migration of several workloads and data with minimalistic issues and downtimes.
  • The biggest gain apart from the future ready migration path to AWS  was the faster time to market of business services because with Vmware on AWS  there is no procuring of hardware, waiting for delivery and then setting up the underlying ecosystem before workloads are provisioned.The implementation tasks, outcomes and error knowledge databases were    documented and recorded through design, configuration and auditing phases before training and handing over the network and security operations team.
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