Faster builds
Reduced deployment errors
Simplified management
Problem Statement: Business and Technology

The organization at the crossroads of blending digital innovation with gradual reduction in technical debt. They started a digital transformation program to enhance it’s time to market and customer experience. Quite often the digital journey comes with challenges centred around the choice of platform, skill upgrades time to migrate. After adequate deliberation, the customer decided on a digital online banking platform based on a next generation micro services architecture. The infrastructure was the starting pivot around which the digital transformation program would be built around. The Application platform team was looking for a scalable, interoperable infrastructure to host compute, network and security functions.

The Solution​
3 days from 4 weeks

Of infrastructure deployment times

3x times increase

In Reliability and resilience of the Cloud native ecosytems

Upgrade in minutes

Of platform through automated templates

  • Huco proposed VMware Enterprise PKS as a simplified Kubernetes deployment and orchestration platform. The solution was designed by a team of experts, standard frameworks and best practices.It involved setting up 4 environments Prod, Dev, Test and SIT that would go on to onboard the digital applications.The solution was delivered in a span of 4-6 weeks. While the production system was planned through a meticulous approach, the non-prod environments was implemented through a mixed mode rapid deploy. The best practices were translated into reusable and automated blueprints.
  • With cutting edge innovation comes two challenging aspects if not addressed effectively can derail the digital program towards long delays and catastrophic failures.Huco addressed this by implementing industry standards, translating Huco best practices into reusable and automated blueprints and designing customer’s vision into a scalable solution.
  • A comprehensive approach was also taken by the customer and Huco to activate vulnerability detection and protections against risks and attacks.The bank was enabled with a platform that provides auto scalability of resources  and provisions infrastructure on-demand for install, configure, upgrade and patching cycles.
  • The solution was documented with design, configuration and logging segments before training and handing over the program to operations team.
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