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Problem Statement: Business and Technology

With over 250+ customers to service and 25+ mobile operators using their digital platform, The organization was looking to stay ahead of the competition through Technology innovations. The overwhelming advent of Digital and Gamification of apps have instantly changed the way infrastructure is provisioned, scaled, and managed. Every compute resource is now on-demand, recovered instantly, and available indefinitely. The organization was looking to upgrade its tech stack and enhance its delivery platform to meet these objectives.The customer was looking for a way to release features every other day, shift left security while making sure the reliability wasn’t compromised. They were looking to onboard a management platform for their containerized applications and also looking to migrate several apps to the microservices design. There were problem statements around how network, security, and resource monitoring would be integrated into the digital and compute platforms. Automated and orchestrated infrastructure provisioning and configuration driven by a single pane of glass management interface was a key driver in arriving at the infrastructure platform of choice.

The Solution​

Licenses additional procured After a successful and quick phase 1 implementation​

1 Week

Deployment With best practices and automated Tanzu implementation

Infra In Minutes

Provisioning infra Through reusable infra as code blueprints.

  • Huco proposed Kubernetes and Vmware Tanzu solution to manage and orchestrate their microservices applications. The solution was designed by a team of experts, standard frameworks and best practices. The project was to design, install and configure TKG on  a 3-node cluster to manage k8s cluster.
  • The HUCO’s best practices were translated into reusable and automated blueprints ensured the delivery of base platform happened in a few weeks after the pre-requisites were finalised. The project deliverables also involved choosing the right and secure CNI interface Antrea powered by the overarching monitoring platform Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Huco’s expertise and Vmware’s feature rich solution has encouraged the customer to invest in 40 additional Tanzu licenses and Dell hardware.
  • The Digital platform service provider was eventually enabled with an improved infrastructure provisioning, software delivery for speed, quality, and innovation.
  • The solution was also equipped with governance, monitoring and management guard rails to guarantee continuous efficiency and optimization of resources.

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