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Technology Consulting Services

Cloud native technologies and DevOps practices are complex. Modernize existing applications and enable new operational models. We help our clients think and do, delivering technology strategy around cloud native solutions that gives them the confidence to take on their toughest challenges and improve the lives of their people and customers.

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What we offer

Cloud Native Application Consulting

Cloud-native is the future of application development, with massive potential for business impact-the ability to move an idea into production quickly and efficiently. Huco offers a comprehensive cloud-native application modernization framework (InnovApp) to define a journey for our customers.

Huco Template
Huco Template

Cloud Native Infrastructure Consulting

Containers & Kubernetes are the foundation for building cloud native infrastructure to improve software velocity & developer productivity. We offer strategic consulting on defining the right infrastructure operating model for modernised application.

Microservices Architecture Consulting

Our experts can help you in assessing your monolithic apps and recommend target microservices architecture. We develop strategies that suit your business requirements and incrementally move your app to microservices-based architecture.

Huco Template
Huco Template

Agile DevOps and DevSecOps Consulting

consultants will understand your existing development process and tools, align the same with your business and technology transformation roadmap to provide a target set of tools and process to meet your business objectives.

Hybrid Cloud and Automation Consulting

Tech-leaders must adopt multicloud services and hybrid operating models. Multicloud strategies entail the adoption & management of multiple clouds and on-premises services for business outcomes. Our experts understand the infrastructure and define a strategy for adopting multicloud solutions.

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78% - Improving application portfolio is a TOP priority

48% - Have NOT made improvements in the last year

Huco's cloud native technology consulting helps companies who are becoming digital to design and build DevOps toolchains and application platforms, creating pipelines so they can take full advantage of the new age operational model. With cloud native applications, you will be able to easily respond to peaks in business activity while increasing your flexibility and speed to market.

Our team of experts has the solutions and collective experience to help you with cloud native application and infrastructure strategy, Kubernetes and DevOps strategy, cloud adoption, cloud native networking, software defined load balancing, service mesh, and other leading-edge technologies. Out team also covers the strategy around cloud native security to ensure you apply SHIFT LEFT security practice to your application development and securing the cloud native platforms.

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Huco helps you navigate the cloud native landscape

There are overwhelming number of competing solutions in the Cloud native and DevOps ecosystems. The key is to understand the what, why, and how of each to make good choices based on your requirements.

Huco's unique approach coupled with experience team help our customers to solve their problems in their cloud native transformation roadmap. We're agnostic and you will receive the best solutions to your technology transformation.

Don't take a chance when it comes to your transformation projects. Work with Huco and we will get you there on-time, on-budget, with the right solution to meet your needs.

Where do we start,

Huco technology consulting begin with an assessment that understands your unique business, technical, and process needs.