Huco K8S Premium Support Services - DS

Kubernetes (aka Kubernetes) is an open source platform for managing containerized applications and services. Kubernetes provides a framework to run containers on clusters of physical or virtual machines, which simplifies orchestration in cloud native environments.

As per Gartner by 2023, Kubernetes will be deployed in more than 80% of all on-premises private cloud and cloud-inspired environments, requiring infrastructure and operations team to acquire operational competencies. As more organizations adopt container technology with Kubernetes, the demand for managing and maintaining Kubernetes environment has skyrocketed to a point that companies are asking for Kubernetes Support services.

Below are some of the key challenges to be considered for a successful adoption and support of Kubernetes platform,

Multiple Kubernetes cluster management : Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters puts more pressure on your internal teams, requiring a big time and resource investment

Troubleshooting Kubernetes is difficult: As with any complex system, things can and do break. With Kubernetes you can't test at scale, it's difficult to fix if something goes wrong, and you can't automate upgrades.

Managing Integrations: Integrating the Kubernetes with underlying storage and network infrastructure

Continuous deployment of services: At large scale it is recommended to use established open source solutions to manage seamless deployments (Helm or JenkinsX)

Additional ecosystem for running enterprise Kubernetes solutions: While scaling Kubernetes there is a need of support on ecosystem solutions such as networking, Container Security, Load balancing, Blue-green deployment, logging & monitoring, persistent storage & replication,


Unlock the value of Kubernetes platform with a superior level of service

KUBERNETES SUPPORT: PSS provides a single point of contact who will help guide and support your organization's journey on Kubernetes adoption. The goal of PSS is to provide a tactical resource who can assist with reactive support, provide technical architectural support, trigger escalations and onboarding adoption to help you meet your unique business requirements and accelerate your path to adopt modern platform be it on on-premise (Tanzu, OpenShift, Anthos, Rancher) or on cloud platforms (EKS, ECS, AKS, GKE).

The PSS program is designed to help you reduce the number of issues and critical instances, while improving the platform with proactive support services. This will allow you to get the most out of your investment in your Application/Platform Modernisation journey.

Huco provides Kubernetes PSS in various programs depending on customers size and needs. Customers can avail these services for a minimum of 12 months period alongwith addon services mentioned,

Standard Advanced Enterprise SRE - Shared Services
  • 8x5 global support
  • Reactive Support & Incident Management
  • 4 hours P1 resolutions
  • SLA based measurement and quarterly report
  • Proactive Support - Biannual Health Check
  • 12x5 global support
  • Reactive Support & Incident Management
  • Proactive Support - Biannual Health Check
  • Proactive Support -
  • 4 Advisory Services (each 2 days pack)
  • Annual Kubernetes Design validation (10 days pack)
  • SLA based measurement and quarterly report
  • One Kubernetes Experts Session (KES)
  • 24x7 global support
  • Reactive Support & Incident Management
  • Proactive Support - Quarterly Health Check
  • Proactive Support -
  • 4 Advisory Services (each 2 days pack)
  • Annual Kubernetes Design validation (10 days pack)
  • Two Kubernetes Experts Session (KES)
  • Application Onboarding Services
  • Adoption and Change management
  • Up to 2 sequential Upgrade Services (each of 20 days pack)
  • Shared SRE managed services program
  • SLA based engagement for Incident, Problem, Change, Release
  • 3-Tier Program management
  • 24x7 shared AI powered Observability & Logging support
  • Support for various Kubernetes platform and DevOps technologies
  • Access to Knowledge Hub
  • Huco Cloud Native CoE services
  • Add-On Upgrade Services
  • Add-On advisory services

Reactive and Incident Management Support - This is a basic support providing incident based support. Customers can choose a number of incidents (with min of 15) to be covered as part of this service. Each incident is measured up to a maximum of 8 hours of support.

Proactive Support - This support covers health checks, design validations, integration services.

Advisory Services - Principal Architect support is covered through this program essentially focus on organisations strategy and roadmap on application/platform modernisation

Application Onboarding Support - Providing support on onboarding applications at scale

Kubernetes Experts Session (KES) - Huco's Kubernetes experts "KES". Each is session is packed with 4 hours of engagements with customers to discussion on any open topic related to Kubernetes.

Upgrade Services - This is to cover sequential upgrades to keep Kubernetes platform up to date for a better adoption.

  • Enterprise adoption achieving positive business outcomes including quicker & better adoption, increased productivity and a faster release to market with better Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • Qualified team and Experience built upon global knowledge
  • Completely remote support for faster and better responses
  • Huco experts and consulting team works closely with vendors product engineering team and part of global Cloud Native community
  • Reduced Day 2 operation cost
  • Strategic advisor for application modernisation and cloud native journey

Huco is a leading technology consulting & services firm focused on helping global organizations build, run, manage, and secure their applications for the multi-cloud economy. We mainly focus on Cloud Native Application services (like Micro services, Apps modernisation, Kubernetes, Containerisation), Cloud Native Security, DevSecOps, Hybrid cloud solutions, Software defined DC and Digital Workspace solutions. We are a globally leading services partner for VMware having all the 5 Master Service Competency (1 out of 9 worldwide to have this) and carried out more than 150+ projects with a CSAT of 4.8/5. We are locally present in UAE, KSA and Germany.


Prashanth Karanth
Head of Pre-Sales