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Huco is a technology consulting & services firm focused on helping global organizations build, run, manage, and secure their applications for the multi-cloud economy. We primarily focus on Cloud Native Application services (like Micro services, Apps modernisation, Kubernetes, Containerisation), Cloud Native Security, DevSecOps, Hybrid cloud solutions, Software defined DC and Digital Workspace solutions. We are a globally leading services partner for VMware having all the 5 Master Service Competency (1 out of 9 worldwide to have this) and carried out more than 150+ projects with a CSAT of 4.8/5. We are locally present in UAE, KSA and Germany.

Huco has completed more than 15+ Projects on Cloud Native Solution in the past 24 months since the inception of Cloud Native Services business unit and has acquired consultants, knowledge, on DevOps, Kubernetes, Application modernisation areas. They also come with industry experience and various cloud native certifications.

Huco's Cloud Native practice delivers continuous application modernization in a gradual approach that focuses on providing digital business support and value in a timely manner. In other words, continuous delivery requires continuous modernization. We deliver application and infrastructure modernisation considering a paradigm shift in people, process and technology. Below are our key offerings in delivering objectives of our customers in this area,

  • Application Modernisation & Rationalisation Assessment
  • Kubernetes & container services (Deployment, Architecture, Integration, Upgrades, etc ...)
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Hybrid Cloud for Modern Applications
  • iDOC (Digital Operation Center) - Shared Managed Services

With the continuous focus towards cloud native practice, Huco is bringing below key differentiators in delivering desired outcomes to our customers,

  • InnovApp - a comprehensive application and infrastructure modernization framework addressing the "why, what, when, how and where" of modernization to ensure a thorough, effective and digital transformation.
  • In2tive Ozone (Our IP in DevOps) - a cloud native continuous service delivery product for seamless application delivery for new age platforms. Ozone enables both continuous integration and Continuous delivery for microservice applications with highly automated deployment workflows, built with AI algorithms to detect and monitor issues with application rollouts and prevents major negative impacts with minimal human intervention.
  • iDOC (Intelligent Digital Operations Center) - An unique Day 2 operations and managed services offerings provides complete adoption support for customer to avail the benefits of modern technology.

Our alignment with VMware technology has been proven with our experience, certificates and of course by being 2nd partner in the world to achieve MSC on Cloud Natives technologies and no 1 in METNA region. Huco covers all key technology components of VMware Tanzu portfolio in its Cloud Native solution offering and complementing it with our add-on capabilities around DevOps, Cloud native security though our ecosystem partners. Below are list of products and technologies where Huco has capabilities to delivers,

  1. Build
    1. Tanzu Build Services
    2. Tanzu Data Services
    3. Tanzu Applications Services
  2. Run
    1. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated
    2. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
    3. vSphere with Kubernetes
  3. Manage
    1. Tanzu Mission Control
    2. Tanzu Observability
    3. Tanzu Service Mesh
  4. Build
    1. Continuous Integration - Gitlab, Github, Jenkins, JenkinX
    2. Continuous Testing - jUnit, Jmeter, Selenium
    3. Continuous Delivery - in2tive Ozone, Tekton, Jenkins, , Spinnaker, Harness
    4. Continuous Monitoring - ELK, Prometheus,
    5. Continuous Security - Prisma, Sysdig, AquaSec, Jfrog Artifactory, SonarCube, HashiCorp Vault, OPA,

Below are some of the key references and benefits delivered in the chosen field,

Leading bank in Bahrain - Huco delivered platform solution based on Tanzu and enabled customer to onboard container-based applications. We also enabled DevOps solutions and now customer is expanding the platform to host other critical applications. Below are benefits arrived from this project,

  • Enabled online and mobile digital banking using Backbase™
  • Decreased time to market by 70%
  • Provided unprecedented scalability to meet customer demands

Leading Telecom Service Provider in the UAE - Customer was looking for a qualified and compatible platform and DevOps solutions to host their Blockchain solution and provide it as a service to their customer. Huco enabled Tanzu Kubernetes solution for hosting their Blockchain platform and enabled with networking, DevOps and security integrations. Below are some of the benefits customer availed,

  • Enabled Kubernetes-as-a-service offering
  • Enhanced operations agility
  • Increased developer productivity

Leading Government Entity in the UAE - As part of customer's technology refresh Huco delivered a completed modern platform covering VMware Cloud Foundation, vRA extensibility and Tanzu Kubernetes. This helped customer to onboard their modern application and enabled better services for citizens. Below are some of the key benefits availed from this project,

  • Enabled complete digitization of 50+ applications through Mendis™
  • Acted as a consultative partner to help choose digital platform
  • Drastically decreased operational efficiency by integrating with private cloud


Prashanth Karanth
Head of Pre-Sales